Bill Trojan

As both a professional in the healthcare field and someone with an active lifestyle playing recreational sports, I have been thrilled to learn about the benefits of using LEVARE.  I have played sports my whole life, and thus I have many lingering aches and pains. Since I started using LEVARE several months ago, I get less soreness after working out or playing some physical sport such as racquetball or volleyball.  In addition, I have had multiple knee surgeries and LEVARE has helped me to deal with ongoing chronic knee pain.

I have worked in Healthcare for over 20 years, and witnessed many patients and friends become addicted to using narcotic pain medications.  Having LEVARE as an all-natural non-addictive alternative has been a true revelation.  I truly believe LEVARE has a place in providing a safe pain relieving medication without negative side effects.

I definitely plan to continue using LEVARE to ensure I can remain physically active and play pain free while reducing aches and soreness.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania