David P. Horrell

I am a 76-year-old man who has always been very active. I started playing sports in high school in 1954 and stayed active playing softball, basketball, baseball, hunting and fishing. I got my share of injuries playing these sports but stayed in good shape until I reached 60+ years of age. That’s when all of the injuries started to show up. I had both knees replaced, both shoulders are arthritic from shoulder separations. Seven back surgeries between 2006-2012. On my last back surgery, I woke up with nerve damage in my right leg. I had a nerve stimulator placed in my thoracic spine to control some of the leg pain and I was put on a prescription of 1200mg of Neurontin per day. I turn the stimulator on at night for one hour and that helps me sleep at night.

The pain in my right leg and foot has been troublesome. I went to a neurosurgeon for an exam after 3 months of having steroid injections in my L5 and S1. The doctor said I would need surgery again. I decided to have the surgery because I couldn’t ride in the car more than 30 minutes without my leg or foot going numb. His plan was to drill the L5 and S1 nerve opening.

Then my son shared the LEVARE supplement with me that he found in Dallas, TX created by Dr. Lenny Lomax. I started taking LEVARE 1200mg twice a day along with my current prescription pills. The pain in my leg and foot lessened and I could sleep all night without using the stimulator. At my last doctor visit with the neurosurgeon to schedule my surgery, he did another exam. Since I was doing so well and the pain had subsided, he suggested postponing the surgery to assess if the LEVARE supplement would control my pain.

I have not had to use my back brace or use my stimulator in the past month and I started taking LEVARE in late November 2015. I now get up in the morning and I don’t even think about my back brace. My goal is to get off the Neurontin entirely as soon as possible and only take LEVARE.

Columbia, Missouri