David A Rivera

My name is David Rivera and I am a Retired US Navy Veteran with a service connected disability well above 30%. I use and have used your drug LEVARE and I found some very striking things about the drug such as quick reaction and pain relief. Long lasting effects and pain reduction. For those last two things, it can be vital for many patients. I have talked with people men and woman about spinal discs blowing or herniating and some women have said it is worse than delivering babies. Many of my friends said pain level would be around 5 but for me it has been around 4 without medication and will be reduce to a level of 2 or 3.

LEVARE is a very important drug for nerve pain suffers, as I am one of those many types of people. I have had three spinal surgeries, a C6-C7 spinal fusion and two L4-L5, L5- S1 discectomies. I currently take daily medication consisting of Neurontin and Mobic and occasionally a narcotic to ease pain to go for the rest of the day. These drugs are replaced by LEVARE easily. I was replacing my normal medications with your drug and received better results to pain level of zero, on a scale of one to ten. I noted the action for two weeks and I was well received even my wife saw an improvement of my ability to move and do things I had not been previously able to do.

Now for the great thing I liked about LEVARE I had no side effects at all. I had no upset stomach, no dizziness and no other ill effects at all. I went as far as to have my neurologist try to get samples. I mentioned to her what I had felt and how I reacted to it. I honestly believe this would work not only for back pain and nerve damage, but I believe it would work for things such as fibromyalgia the diabetic nerve pain as well. The main thing I liked the most was my entire body did not go numb as happens with my medications. I feel more aware with LEVARE than my regular medications. Hopefully this will get to many people.