Dr. Harry Davidson

As a Practicing Clinical Psychologist with over 40 years of treating adults and youth I have always advocated in favor of drug free non-medication based counseling and treatment. My wife and I tried LEVARE after a friend recommended it to us. This non-narcotic product almost instantly alleviated the arthritic pain in my back and joints. My wife, who was suffering from migraine headaches and resisted taking any form of medication, also tried LEVARE. Guess what. She took two tablets a day for three days. After more than six weeks she has had no more nagging migraines. So I have begun to share LEVARE with several of my inquisitive patients. Most of them can’t get enough of LEVARE. When combined with training in relaxation therapy this product has performed miraculously, decreasing anxiety, headache, body tension and aches and pains with amazing success. One patient has shared that, after starting on LEVARE, she feels more energized in the mornings, and there is no more stiffness in her joints