Gloria E. Gutierrez, MD

Dear Dr. Lomax:

It has been a blessing to meet you and know about your desire in improving the public’s general health by using non-narcotic pain relief alternatives.  As a physician and researcher, I really applaud your efforts.  Every day we are more aware of the serious and growing problem that prescription painkiller overdose is causing in men and women in the USA.

Having a safe and natural alternative can definitely provide some relief to this epidemic and each one of us can start by helping you promote your efforts in this area.  I have personally recommended your product to several friends and colleagues and have received very positive feedback. Because of my interaction with the Military living in San Antonio, TX, I also know the armed forces are very interested in finding a solution to the increasing number of injured soldiers addicted to pain medication.

I am also very impressed with your willingness to help those in need that might not have the resources necessary but that can definitely benefit from this alternative method.

Thanks again for your enthusiasm and compassion.

Best regards

Principal Scientist
Chemical Defense
Pharmaceuticals and Bioengineering
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Division
Southwest Research Institute
San Antonio, TX