Maj. Germaine B Hawkins DO

Uncontrolled pain and inadequate monitoring of pain with narcotics often leads to a myriad of socioeconomic problems affecting quality of life, work productivity, and rising healthcare costs. Worsened depression, anxiety and insomnia far too often are a by-product, if not coexisting initially, of the above as well. The addictive potential , ease of misuse and dependency of opiates further cause psychological distress on millions of individuals annually who feel there is no other alternative. Well, to say that LEVARE is a revolutionary alternative is an understatement! As a natural, non-narcotic pain relief formula, I have literally seen neuropathic pain patients quality of lives impacted tremendously. LEVARE gives them a sense of control without the stigma of depending on a narcotic. Not only is LEVARE safe and well tolerated – it works! As a Suboxone certified psychiatrist I also see potential in utilizing LEVARE for pain control while tapering patients.

Psychiatrist / Executive VP Ultimaxx Health, Director Mental Health Division Arlington, TX