Mike Beasley

As an ex-professional athlete, pain management throughout my entire career was done with prescription medication that was made easily accessible to me and a majority of my teammates. It wasn't until after my playing days that I realized that my dependence on these pain relievers was significant. Continuing to be active, and without the benefit of prescription drugs, it was apparent how often I had turned to those small vials of relief to get through the day. My playing days had left me with chronic pain in my knees, shoulders and neck. LEVARE was introduced to me, and my suspicion was raised, because I had never heard of a natural way of relieving pain. The bottle of LEVARE sat in my medicine cabinet for over a month until one day, after a strenuous workout, I was feeling some pain in my elbow. When I opened the medicine cabinet by chance, the bottle of LEVARE was looking right back at me and I thought why not give it a try. Minutes after taking LEVARE, I was expecting the same feeling I had experienced with most of the strong pain relievers I had taken in the past. When the loopy, brain muddling feeling I was accustomed to did not arrive my first thought was, I'm going to have to take something stronger to get rid of this pain I'm having. When I got up to go back to the medicine cabinet I started moving my elbow as I had earlier that made me notice the pain. To my surprise and relief, the pain was gone and I started to laugh to myself, LEVARE works! During my playing days I had taken most of the more popular prescription pain relievers on the market. I had become accustomed to the high feeling that came along with all of them and had associated that feeling with what was a necessary evil to stay off the sidelines and play in the game. LEVARE eliminates the mind altering side effects most people struggle with to get rid of pain and simply attacks the pain.

Former Dallas Cowboys Running Back and Super Bowl Champion, Dallas, TX