Some of the injuries I sustained during my career as a United States Marine could be ignored when I was young but as I got older those nagging injuries had me taking all sorts of prescription and non prescribed pain medications. No matter how many pills I swallowed it always seemed as though I couldn't keep the pain at bay long enough to function normally or after I took a pain medication I didn't feel as though I was in my right mind to really accomplish anything other than sit around. Thanks to Levare I've been able to forget about the pain and just get on with my life. No more feeling like I couldn't drive or operate heavy machinery because I took a pain killer. With Levare I have to sometimes remind myself that I was experiencing pain before I took a couple all natural Levare pills. I can't stop telling all of my old service buddies about the new lease on life I feel like I have because of the fact I was introduced to an all natural way of relieving the pain in my body. 

(Ret) United States Marines
Dallas, Texas