Stan Counts Jr.

"I am a witness that LEVARE works and works well!  I have what my doctor's define as severe degenerative changes in the superior lateral and narrowing of the joint space.  I had my thyroid removed in January of 2015 and I went from 284 lbs. to 330 lbs.  Needless to say it's taking its toll on my joints (hips).  The doctor's tell me that it takes 6-8 months for my body to adjust to the hormone replacement medicine for my thyroid.  Well, I literally couldn't walk some days due to the severe pain I was experiencing.  I was prescribed Hydrocodone with acetaminophen to manage the pain and it was not doing a thing for me.  A good friend of my business partner, whom I also knew, came into my office and said that he heard I was really having a tough time with hip pain.  He introduced me to LEVARE and I immediately took two tablets.  Within 15 minutes I was experiencing pain relief that I hadn't had in weeks.  LEVARE WORKS!!!!

Kansas City, MO